The Difference Between a Major and Minor Chord 

Music Theory Explained

Music Theory Explained

There are a couple differences between a major and a minor chord.

Sound: Minor chords are often described as sounding “sad.” and major chords as sounding “happy.”  With a little practice you can begin to quickly distinguish between the sound of major and minor chord.

On the keyboard: The only difference in the playing of the major and minor chords is the position of the middle note of the chord, or the third.  In a minor chord, the middle note is a half step lower (flat) than the middle note in a major chord.

For Example: 

C Major chord = C  E  G

C minor chord = C  Eb  G

Therefore!  If you know A major, you also know A minor.  Just lower the middle note a half step!  If you know E minor, you also know E major.  Just raise the middle note by a half step!

I hope your chord vocabulary just doubled!


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