Okay Worship Leaders.  What if you don’t feel like singing? 

Let’s be honest.  Sometimes you just don’t feel like singing.  Whether you are a worship team participant or the one leading the team and congregation, or a member in the congregational pews, life weighs us down, sorrow comes unexpectedly, work seems overwhelming, loneliness overshadows joy, etc. So, how do we respond? Here’s a thought and a helpful article.  What do you do in these cases? 

I used to lead a middle school/high school worship ministry.  One of my jobs was to equip new leaders by giving them the skills, confidence, and opportunity to eventually lead a team and the rest of us to worship together.  Several times I heard this concern on Sunday morning just before it was time to start singing: “I just don’t feel like I can sing today, I feel like a hypocrite.” I wish I would have had a better response than “you can do it.” 

Let’s be honest again, none of us are worthy to approach the throne of God to worship Him.. except through the righteousness of Christ.  Christ is our righteousness.  

What I perhaps should have said is: “It is not your righteousness that qualified you for this Job, and it’s not your lack of righteousness that disqualifies you for this job. Let’s focus a little less on ourselves and a lot more on Christ’s redemptive work in you and I and in His Church.”

Here is a fabulous and encouraging article.  Please read and enjoy, you will be glad you did. 


How do you handle it when you don’t feel like singing?


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